About Gotras


The gotra system was a part of the system of classification/ identification of various Brahmin families in ancient times. The gotra classification started probably sometime during the Yajur Veda period, after the Rig Veda period. It is believed that the gotras (now about of 49) started to strengthen around 10-8 Century B.C.The present day gotra classification is created from a core of 8 Sages (The Saptha rishis + Agastya). The Saptarishis are Gautama, Bharadvaja, Vishvamitra, Jamadagni, Vasistha, Kashyapa and Atri. Seven Sages (Saptarshi) are recognized as the mind born sons of the creator Brahma. They desired offspring and received it. All present day Brahmin communities are said to be descendants of these 8 Rishis.


The gotras of GSBs is believed to be originated from the ten Rishis.

Atri Bharadvaja Gautama Jamadagni Kashyapa
Vasishta Vishvamitra (Kamshi) Kaundinya Kausika Vatsa

The Importance of Gotra

The gotra system was instituted for the purposes of identifying one's ancestors and pay respects during various invocations and other rituals to honour their fathers, fore-fathers and so on, up to their respective Sages. This was later extended to other aspects of the Brahmin life, such as in Marriages and temple worships. Today, the marriages are not allowed within the same gotra in order to aviod impure matrimony.

But we as a part of the Aryan Society have been living as Brahmins from the very beginning of the Indian Civilization and quite interestingly without our knowledge we have become the vehicles of many facets of the Indian Culture.


Kuladevata (kula-dèvatā) or Kuladevi also known as Kuladev or Kuladaivat, stands for "family deity, that is either a god or a goddess" within Hinduism, as distinct from personal ishta-devata and village deities. The gotra is also interlinked with the Surnames and the Kuladevatas. Through the Table given below you can know the link between them.

Kuladevatha Gotra and Surnames
MAHALASA NARAYANI Bharadwaja Gothra - Pai
Athri Gothra - Pai
Kaushika Gothra - Pai
Gargya Gothra - Shenoy
Gargya Gothra - Kamath
Gargya Gothra - Bhat
Athri Gothra - Bhat
Kaushika Gothra - Bhaktha
Vatsa Gothra - Baliga
Vatsa Gothra - Bhat
Koundinya Gothra - Shenoy
Koundinya Gothram -Nayak
Koundinya Gothra - Pai
Koundinya Gothra - Bhat
Koundinya Gothra - Kini
Kaushika Gothra - Kamath
Kashyap Gothra - Hegde
Kashyap Gothra - Baliga
NAGESH MAHALAKSHMI Bharadwaja Gothra - Prabhu
Vatsa Gothra - Mallya
Koushika Gothra - Nayak
KARTHYAYANI BANESHWAR Koushika Gothram - Shenoy
Kashyapa Gothram - Prabhu
NARASIMHA SHANTHADURGA VIJAYA DURGA Shankha Pingala Kounsa Gothram - Nayak
Shankha Pingala Kounsa Gothra - Padiyar
Shankha Pingala Kounsa Gothra - Bhandarakar
MAHAMAYA Kondinaya Gothram - Kamath